About Us

The Hoot House is a business dedicated to bringing you great owl products that will make you, or the owl lover in your life, smile.  We want your experience with our store to be as positive as possible, and welcome any feedback you may have.

Jessica Tucker (Co-Founder)

Jessica has always loved every kind of animal, and in recent years has started collecting owl jewelry.  When brainstorming with James about a theme for the online store they wanted, owls was first on the list.  Jessica brings years of experience from virtual retailing, with a little of everything from graphic design to customer service.  She is currently having the time of her life sourcing products for The Hoot House, and still smiles every time she finds something cute, adorable, pretty, or shiny.  When not working she is either spending time with James, reading anything she can get her hands on, or (trying her best at) raising her two teenage girls.

James Duffey (Co-Founder)

James grew up in a home surrounded by owl collectibles procured by his slightly owl-obsessed mother on her world travels, as well as some she crafts herself.  (His mother actually came up with “The Hoot House” name)  He has extensive retail and internet marketing experience, and has learned over the years the huge value of good customer interaction and satisfaction.  He had the good fortune of meeting Jessica online and falling in love, and has resigned himself to being surrounded by owl loving women, and the owls they amass.  At least he knows what they want for birthdays.